What You Don't Know About Me


  • Amazon Customer

    Great read
    I am a great fan of Peter Crawley’s writing. He always picks the most interesting topics and this book is no exception. It is shorter than his other books but no less readable. It grips from the beginning and moves swiftly. Written with Peter’s usual wonderful grasp of the English language I highly recommend it as a day’s diversion!
  • Anthony G S

    Good read
    A famous author once said it is harder to write a short novella rather than long novels. This novella proves the point. It is an extremely good read. Sharp and punchy from the off, it fits a lot of detail into a small space holding the reader riveted until the end. It is a story of our time, what with the Covid pandemic, clandestine immigrants and drug gangs. It would make a great play for TV. Thanks Peter for another lovely piece of writing.
  • Grayson

    Fantastic read
    An exciting novel involving an illegal African immigrant and a two-faced drug dealer. Set in these contemporary Covid times, these elements combine to make for a thrilling read.
  • R

    A really, really good read that stays with you for days afterwards.
    If you are having a dreary 'lockdown' day read this. Even if you are not having a dreary day read this. Just brilliant. Thank you Peter.
  • Amazon Customer

    A fantastic afternoon of lockdown escapism
    What a fantastic read. I picked this book up on a cold lockdown afternoon and didn’t put it down again until I finished reading it. It was incredibly engaging with interesting characters that I felt empathy for. For a few hours I was transported into the lives of the characters and also enjoyed the fact that it was set locally. A welcome piece of lockdown escapism. Well done and thankyou Peter, clearly a lot of research and effort to complete this in 28 days. Would love to read more of a similar genre.
What You Don't Know About Me

What You Don't Know About Me

£ 5.99

A woman alone, a clandestine immigrant on the run and a journalist looking for a story he’s going to wish he’d never found.


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“What are you going to do with him?” he asked.
“Being as young Daniel here is sixteen and therefore a minor, we are unable to hand him over to the Border Force; so, we will be taking him back to the nick and hanging about until a representative of social services pitches up to take charge of him.”
“And then?”
“And then he’ll very probably be found hostel accommodation, which he will immediately skip and some low-life will sign him up to ferry drugs about for a County Lines gang.”
A car pulls up behind them; the driver, a woman, gets out and dashes into the bushes. It is clear to Simon that Shona has been drinking, so to save her from arrest he drives her home, with the police and Daniel following.
Four months later, a body is found on a building site in Thornton Heath and soon afterwards, a young man turns up at Shona’s door.

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