Mazzeri: Love and Death in Light and Shadow


  • James M

    Bought this on kindle and really enjoyed it. I know Corsica well and the author ...
    Bought this on kindle and really enjoyed it. I know Corsica well and the author clearly knows it too. A property page turner, with marvellous characters, all of whom come to life through acute observation and beautifully writing.
  • Trish P

    A must read!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I am glad I read it in the school holidays as once I started reading I really struggled to put the book down. I love the descriptive style you use when writing and would love to share some of your sentences with my class of 6 and 7 year olds to show them how a good writer writes! I am always telling them to "show not tell" and to "paint a picture in the readers mind". The story line kept me guessing right until the end. In fact I read the final two pages twice just to check I had the ending correct in my mind! As this book touched on several writing styles; mystery, romance, crime, adventure with many aspects of the story based on history of the setting it would appeal to a wide audience.
  • Ronald P

    I really enjoyed reading Mazzeri. The novel is full of fascinating characters and beautiful settings, all drawn together in an intriguing story. The history of Corsica is rich and complex, and the author weaves it seamlessly into the narrative. This is a book I am happy to recommend to my book club. I hope they will enjoy it as much as I have.
  • Mark H

    Great read
    Well written,felt I was there (I was actually in Spain)but it kept me gripped all the way through and I'm not a big reader,was not happy when it finished but I would highly recommend it great summer read on a beach with a beer many thanks
  • Roy B

    fascinating book
    I am going to corsica next week and do not know much about it. This novel showed me a glimpse and I want to learn more. A mystery, a love story. The past and the present I believe such a story to be possible. Very enjoyable
Mazzeri: Love and Death in Light and Shadow

Mazzeri: Love and Death in Light and Shadow

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"He had heard the spirits calling his name from the maquis and he had heard their footfalls as they passed by his window in the night. The spirits had summoned him. He could not deny them."

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It is the last summer of the twentieth century in Calvi, northern Corsica, and an old man sits watching the kites fly. The festival of the wind is a lively and colourful celebration, but the old man’s heart is heavy, he has heard the Mazzeri whisper his name. He accepts that people prefer to believe the dream hunters belong to the past and yet he knows only too well that at night they still roam the maquis in search of the faces of those whose time has come.

Ten years later in the high citadel of Bonifacio, in the southern tip of the island, Richard Ross, armed with only the faded photograph of a Legionnaire standing beneath a stone gateway, finds the locals curiously unwilling to help him uncover his family’s roots. He rents a villa on the coast and meets the singularly beautiful Manou Pietri, who enchants him with tales of the megalithic isle, its folklore and the Mazzeri – the dream hunters.

For a while Ric’s life beneath the Corsican sun is as close to perfect as he could wish. Then a chance encounter with a feral boy turns his world upside down, and he is drawn deep into a tangled web of lies and deceit, where truth and legend meet, and from which the Mazzeri offer him little hope of escape.

Set in Corsica, Mazzeri is a contemporary novel about this complex Mediterranean island, its people and its traditions, which has been influenced by the author’s own experiences.

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