Ontreto: A Novel of Lipari


  • Maxime D

    I want more!
    I have recently read both Mazzeri and Ontreto, needless to say i just could not put them down! Both books were beautifully descriptive, they made me feel like i was there smelling the spices of the maccis and feeling the primal strengths of the weather which is unique to all island habitats, i loved the subtle air of mistycism and unknown throughout both novel. They are full of such well constructed characters and ambience that it makes you want to go and discover these almost clanish and out of time islands. thank you very much Mr. Crawley, I for one know where my next two hollidays are gonna take place! ps: i need more "Gallese" adventures :) !!
  • Amazon Customer

    A very pleasant read and to be recommended.
    A slow start but a very gentle read which allows the reader to get inside the characters and potentially realize their motives. The storyline heats up rapidly in the last 100 pages and ends in a cliff (volcano) hanger involving all of the principal characters. A very pleasant read and to be recommended.
  • John B

    Involving and absorbing!
    Another delightful and enthralling read from Peter Crawley. I received the paperback at a time when I was really busy but still dipped into it and found that I could not stop myself reading it whenever a spare moment arose. The novel does follow on from Mazzeri but it is by no means essential to have read this, also excellent, book first. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of the island, people and atmosphere of Lipari which, combined with the twists and turns within the story itself kept me wanting to read more from beginning to end. Suffice to say that I am looking forward to the next book already!
  • Kara C

    Beautifully described island scenery that creates a bright back drop ...
    Beautifully described island scenery that creates a bright back drop to the darker underbelly of island life. You know a mystery is well written when you suspect every character of being up to no good at some stage in the story, but still don't guess the actual outcome.
  • Chris M

    Terrific read
    Ontreto is an excellent thriller with interesting characters involved in a twisting and turning plot, set against both the beauty of modern day Lipari and the darker side of Italian history. Terrific work!
Ontreto: A Novel of Lipari

Ontreto: A Novel of Lipari

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Arriving on the unspoiled island of Lipari, off the coast of Sicily, Ric Ross carries with him a letter of introduction to Valeria Vaccariello, an ageing star of Italian cinema who lives alone in the House of Strangers; a woman known locally as la strega – the witch.

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Ric is also befriended by Il Velaccino, a sailmaker who seems to know everyone and everything that goes on in the island. But when a politician is shot dead, Ric’s search for his family’s history soon grows into a quest to prove his innocence...

Ontreto is a contemporary crime thriller, told through the eyes of a young man who comes to the island of Lipari in search of his forebears. It is the standalone follow-up to Peter Crawley’s first novel, Mazzeri.

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