The Wind Between Two Worlds


  • Rob

    Good fast paced story based around an two interesting stories
    An impressively woven tale encompassing refugees and the homeless living in London. Will certainly be reading other novels by this author
  • Heather G

    Excellent, thought provoking story
    I found each character in the story to be believable, and I just wanted to discover with the turn of every page what will become of Richard Ross the former Royal Marine. I am impressed with the amount of research Peter Crawley, the author, has obviously done to make this such a thought provoking and interesting story.
  • Tina

    Following both war veterans and immigrants, an excellent thought provoking and topical read.
    Attending the book launch I was amazed to hear the amount of research undertaken by Peter in preparation for this book. Living in London suburbia watching and reading the news it is hard to relate to the human toll that wars take, both on the civilians and military alike. This book brings home that reality, the fractured life of those fleeing war and the mental as well as physical toll of those fighting it. Exploring uncomfortable subjects such as our recognition and treatment of PTSD in war veterans, the book starts off at a fast pace and continues in that vein as we follow Simon the journalist on his quest for the truth. I enjoyed Simon’s character and would like to hear more from him. All in all a topical and excellent read, I look forward to Peter Crawley’s next book.
  • E J N

    A captivating read.
    A captivating story and interesting read. It seemed to pick up pace in the second half and although I knew the characters’ paths had crossed I was kept intrigued until the end.
  • Annie H

    A thought provoking read
    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. An interesting tale with much to consider. Homeless veterans, refugees and the general violence surrounding both. Kept me enthralled until the end.
The Wind between Two Worlds

The Wind between Two Worlds

£ 10.99

Young journalist Simon Peckham is seeing the New Year in at a London nightclub when he first notices Soraya, the daughter of an Iraqi refugee. His evening isn’t going to plan, so he steps out to get some air and watches as paramedics attend to an old rough sleeper, Tom, in an alley close by. The next morning at the local hospital, Simon enquires after Tom’s condition and is surprised to meet Soraya, who tells him that 3 men had assaulted both her and Tom, and that a second rough sleeper came to their rescue.

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Sifting through Tom’s meagre possessions out the back of the club, Simon stumbles across a notebook, the entries in which are written in a curious code. Will he decipher it? What will it lead to? And why is Soraya keeping the second rough sleeper secret from the police?

Peter Crawley has worked amongst rough sleepers and has interviewed many former servicemen and refugees to lend authenticity to the story. The Wind between Two Worlds is a gripping novel that twists and turns as its characters conceal and reveal in equal measure. Readers who enjoy clever plots, secretive characters and a modern, original storyline will delight in this well-researched, expertly-crafted book.

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