Boarding House Reach


  • Anthony D

    Good follow up
    A considerable change of tack for Peter Crawley's second novel and much more claustrophobic. Definitely cracked the second novel problem and demonstrated not a one trick pony. Had me in mind of Patrick Hamilton with its depiction of small desperate lives.
  • Antoinette H

    Do you like people watching?
    Read this after enjoying Mazzeri, totally different but again loved the feeling that I recognised the area the book is set in. Brilliant character development, especially liked Stella.
  • Pip D

    An excellent read!
    These characters are very real and I felt great empathy for their situations. The way the author weaves the stories together is very clever. Couldn't put it down.
  • E B

    His ability to build tension from the most mundane of moments in each of his wonderfully depicted characters not only draws you
    A fantastically well-written schema, who's strands untangle with Peter Crawley's delightful descriptions, into a hard-hitting, and unimaginitively exciting web. His ability to build tension from the most mundane of moments in each of his wonderfully depicted characters not only draws you in, but also leaves the reader questing after the meaning associated with what the next smallest encounter might bring.
  • M

    Fantastic read
    The best of Peter Crawley yet! I throughly enjoyed this book and tried to read it slowly so to savour it and keep some to read! When I came to the last few chapters this became impossible because the story was too engrossing and I stayed up late to finish it! I really recommend this book, fantastic read, would make an interesting book club choice.
Boarding House Reach

Boarding House Reach

£ 8.99

“Some come to Strand-next-the-Sea to visit the stately homes, stroll along the promenade or paddle in the cool waters of the North Sea. Others come because they are drawn by the secrets of their past...”

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Boarding House Reach is a captivating novel about five individual characters who meet one weekend in a guest house. Located on the Norfolk coast, The Reach offers sanctuary for guests Hacker, Phoebe, Audrey, Philip and the landlady, Stella – all of whom are trying to escape their past.

As the strands of their individual stories are woven together the complexity of the novel is revealed. Each guest will face the realities of their personal lives and, as the hours tick away, confess their sins. In a story which encompasses blackmail, rejection, infidelity and love the characters of Boarding House Reach must accept they may have the freedom to run away but they will never escape the brutal reality of their tangled lives...

This contemporary story that reaches into the confidential world of The Reach’s guests is suitable for readers with a passion for engaging with compelling and genuine characters.

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