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 The Wind Between Two Worlds


Peter's latest novel is now available from all good book-sellers and online.


New Year’s Eve, outside a nightclub, journalist Simon Peckham watches as paramedics attend to a rough sleeper.

The next morning at the Royal London Hospital, he enquires after the old man’s condition and notices a young woman he’d seen in the club. Soraya tells him that three men had assaulted both her and the old man, and that a second rough sleeper had come to their rescue. However, she refuses to answer his questions about the second man and Simon wants to know why.

In a dingy alley behind the club, Simon finds the rough sleeper’s meagre possessions and stumbles across a notebook which provides him with a clue to the identity of the second rough sleeper.

So why is the daughter of an Iraqi refugee protecting a rough sleeper? And what drives a former Royal Marine to surrender to the streets?

ISBN: 9781789014471





The Truth In Fiction

Peter's fourth novel is soon to be published by Troubador Publishing, under the Matador imprint, as a paperback and Ebook.

The Truth in Fiction is a collection of eighteen short stories set in the towns and cities of Europe, and as far afield as the mountains of the South Island, New Zealand. Through love and sorrow, intrigue and humour the characters of each story learn how it is that the harsher lessons of life are often those most valuable.

Finally, in the Appendix Peter Crawley, author of Mazzeri, Boarding House Reach and Ontreto, provides a glimpse of just how much truth exists in fiction.

In Santiago de Compostella Padraig O’Rahilly passes the evening enjoying the fiesta of the literary heroes of Galicia, during which he confesses to his young guide the motivations for his walking the Camino.

High above the Rio Douro, in Porto, the guardian of the bridge watches her next challenge approach and wonders.

In Geneva airport, as a young UNHCR lawyer waits for his flight to be called, he is approached by a timid Iranian refugee, who asks the lawyer to record in a journal the strange tale of how he has come to be abandoned to the city.

And when two women meet for the first time at a wake in London, they soon come to realise they both knew the recently departed rather better than many of their fellow mourners.

Please click on The Truth In Fiction page to read the first of the short stories entitled Two Books.


Peter's third novel is published by Troubador Publishing, under the Matador imprint, as a paperback and Ebook.

Set on the beautiful island of Lipari, off the north coast of Sicily, Ontreto is a contemporary crime thriller, told through the eyes of a young man who comes to the island in search of his forebears. It is the stand-alone sequel to Peter's first novel Mazzeri.

Arriving on the unspoiled island of Lipari, Ric Ross carries with him a letter of introduction to Valeria Vaccariello, an aging star of Italian cinema, who lives alone in the House of strangers; a woman known locally as La Strega – the witch. Valeria introduces Ric to Il Velacchino – the sailmaker, who seems to know everyone and everything that goes on in the island. But when a politician is shot dead, Ric's search for his family's history soon grows into a quest to prove his innocence...

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'Peter's knowledge of this area of the Mediterranean with its customs and culture is very studious and veracious. In Ontreto Peter takes us to the small holiday island North of Sicily for an adventure steeped in history. The main character, Ric, finds himself fighting for his very life right up to the very end of a gripping story full of twists and turns along the way...' Verified Amazon Purchaser

'If you haven't yet visited Lipari, this book will make you want to go. The descriptions are so accurate and the characters believable. Even without the benefit of having read "Mazzeri" it all made sense. A thoroughly "good read" which captures the essence of the place – surely the mark of an author worth following.' Verified Amazon Purchaser

'If you have even the slightest calling of the Mediterranean in your soul, you'll love the intrigue of this book, a welcome sequel to Mazzeri. Amazon review

'Like Mazzeri, it is written beautifully. Completely involving, perhaps faster moving but no less feeling of knowing and being a place I wish I could go to.' Amazon

'Another Peter Crawley hit! This sequel to Mazzeri holds your attention from the first page to the last. Peter's beautiful writing together with action and description is spellbinding...' Amazon verified Purchaser

Please click on the Ontreto page to read the first chapter of the novel.








Boarding House Reach

Peter's second novel is published by Troubador Publishing, under the Matador imprint, as a paperback and Ebook.

Boarding House Reach is a captivating novel about five individual characters who meet one weekend in a guest house. Located on the Norfolk Coast, The Reach offers sanctuary for guests Hacker, Phoebe, Audrey, Philip and the landlady, Stella – all of whom are trying to escape their past. As the strands of their individual stories are woven together, the complexity of the novel is revealed. Each guest will face the reality of their personal lives and, as the hours tick away, confess their sins. In a story which encompasses blackmail, rejection, infidelity and love, the characters of Boarding House Reach must accept that although they have the freedom to run away, they will never escape the brutal reality of their tangled lives.

Boarding House Reach is available at







Mazzeri has been nominated for the American Library in Paris Book of the Year Award 2014

Peter's debut novel Mazzeri is published by Troubador Publishing Ltd, under the Matador imprint, as a paperback and Ebook.
Set in Corsica, Mazzeri is a contemporary novel about this complex Mediterranean island, its people and traditions. all of which have been influenced by the author's own experiences.

Mazzeri is also available at

The Great Beauty: Peter Crawley's article on why he fell in love with Corsica, in this month's issue of N By Norwegian; Norwegian Air Shuttle's award winning magazine. With photos by Anton Renborg.

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