Ric can hear two men arguing. One of the men begins to scream and plead, “No, per favore, no, Ci–.” followed by a muffled choking and the scuffling of feet. And then, silence: both profound and chilling, and pressed beneath the enormous weight of the fog.

Arriving on the unspoiled island of Lipari, off the coast of Sicily, Ric Ross carries with him a letter of introduction to Valeria Vaccariello, an aging star of Italian cinema who lives alone in the La Casa dei Sconosciuti, the House of Strangers; a woman known locally as La Strega – the witch.

Ric is also befriended by Il Velaccino – the sailmaker, who seems to know everyone and everything that goes on in the island. But when a politician is shot dead, Ric’s search for his family’s history soon grows into a quest to prove his innocence.

Told through the eyes of a young man who comes to Lipari in search of his forebears, Ontreto is the standalone follow-up to Peter Crawley’s first novel, Mazzeri.

Published by Matador May 2015

ISBN 9781784622213 (pb)

ISBN 9781784629298 (eBook)



Five strangers come to spend the weekend in a guest house on the Norfolk coast. The Reach offers sanctuary for guests Hacker, Phoebe, Audrey, Philip and the landlady, Stella – all of them drawn together by the secrets of their past.

As the strands of their individual stories are woven together, each guest will confront the painful truths of their personal lives and, as the hours tick away, confess their sins. In a story which encompasses Blackmail, rejection, infidelity, redemption and love, the characters of Boarding House Reach know they can run, but will they ever escape the stark reality of their tangled lives?

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Ontreto ISBN No: 9781784622213(PB) /9781784629298(eBook)